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2013 Trip to Korea

2013 WKSA Trip to Korea


The 2013 Trip to Korea was a tremendous SUCCESS!

On behalf of Kuk Sa Nim and WKSA HQ as well as Korea Kuk Sool Won,

we would like to thank everyone

who traveled and experienced this wonderful WKSA event,

and we are grateful for all of the positive comments we have received at HQ!  

We truly felt and experienced this HUGE family of Kuk Sool Won

from all around the world come together

to train, compete, laugh, enjoy, and make lifetime memories!  

We are thankful that everyone was happy and safe,

and we really appreciate your participation, patience, and support.  

Simply, it was one of the best trips ever, and YOU are the best!  

Thank YOU!!!

Beach Training Pictures


Here are some videos (courtesy of KSN Dean Lopez from Tomball),

and the HQ will soon be preparing a link to allow everyone to upload their pictures to share their experience.





Photos coming soon!

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