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For Students

For Students

All U.S. Kuk Sool Won Schools operate as an independent Franchisee Owner under the rules of operation and guidance of the Franchisor, WKSA LLC.  All other schools worldwide are operating also as independent licensed owners with the same standard of rules. 


Students should be aware that ALL Student fees paid are paid directly to the individual Kuk Sool Won School Owner and not to the WKSA LLC, World Kuk Sool Association, or its affiliated companies. (with the exception of the Black Belt Candidate Application Fee which must be paid directly to Eui San LLC in USA and World Kuk Sool Association, Inc. in all other countries) 


Consequently, each Kuk Sool Won is entirely responsible for its own finances in all aspects, and the Franchisor, WKSA LLC, or the Licensor, World Kuk Sool Association Inc, has no responsibility or liability for any agreements entered into by and between the Student and the School Owner, nor is it in anyway responsible or liable for or any debts incurred by the School Owner by whatever means.




Student Handbook

WKSA Uniform Patch Specifications

How to Tie a Belt

Official WKSA Tournament Rules for Competitors


Official WKSA Tournament Requirements