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2023 HQ Black Belt Testing
and Promotion Schedule




As of May 2022, all Texas and its immediate surounding areas,

please follow the follwoing testing schedule.

All other schools (outside Texas as well as all international schools)

need to follow the current Testing/Grading schedule,

unless otherwise notified by the WKSA HQ. 



February 18, 2023  (Sat)



May 13, 2023 (Sat)



August 19, 2023 (Sat)



November 4, 2023 (Sat) 



All tests (first time to last one) will be conducted

at your own home dojang for all ranks, EXCEPT

Candidates for 5th Dahn & higher testing will be 

at WKSA HQ from 9.45am to 12pm. 

Promotion for 3rd Dahn and higher will be

around 12 PM at WKSA HQ.

Please conduct your own Promotion Ceremony

for 1st and 2nd Dahn

at your own Home Dojang.




37937 FM 1774 Road 

Magnolia, TX 77355