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To All Black Belt Candidates

Attention ALL WKSA Black Belt Candidates:

In Kuk Sool Won, you will earn your first martial art title, Dahn Bo Nim (DBN), once you have successfully completed your Black-Brown Belt test at your home Do-Jahng.

This will automatically qualify you to become a WKSA Black Belt Candidate, which means that you may begin to test for your initial goal of becoming a First Degree (1st Dahn) Black Belt.

This is an exciting time for you as you prepare your mind and body to shape and mold to be in the best condition ever! The WKSA shares your excitement and extends its congratulations to you.

To help you understand the procedure better, listed below are the steps to take regarding your Black Belt Application, together with news of where you can find a list of candidates who have already successfully completed the application process.

1)  As a DBN, you will have received from your School Owner/Head Instructor the official WKSA Black Belt Candidacy Form.



  • Complete the form, sign it, and return it to your School Owner/Head Instructor
  • If you are minor, your parent's or guardian's signature is required
  • Also required is the Head Instructor's signature
  • Select your preferred method of payment for the appropriate testing fee. Please note that the fee(s) is to be paid directly to the WKSA HQ  and not to your home Do-Jang Account.


For U.S.A. -- payments should be made payable to WKSA


For All other countries -- payments should be made payable to World Kuk Sool Association, Inc


2)  Once the WKSA HQ has received your application with the fee, you will then be registered as an official WKSA Black Belt Candidate, and all tests will be properly recorded.   For any questions regarding your registrations with WKSA, you may contact HQ by email at  No phone calls please.

3)  This procedure and application process is important, because the WKSA wants to ensure that  all Black Belt Candidates are correctly registered with the WKSA and that all testing records are properly recorded with WKSA HQ  in order for timely promotions.  This is a strict WKSA policy and one that all Black Belt Candidates are expected to comply with.

4) Without the proper documentation in place, a Black Belt Candidate may not test and any test that may be undertaken without correct registration in place will not count towards the requirement to be promoted.

5) This Policy/Procedure is applicable to all higher Black Belt ranks in WKSA.