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 For 5000 years, Ancient Korean generals and warriors engaged in historic battles along the Korean peninsula and neighboring countries (now know as China, Mongolia, Russia and Japan).  The armor worn by these famous generals immediately symbolized their strength, agility and determination.  It protected them in fierce epic battles and led them to victory.

To symbolize the rich history of Korean generals’ ferocity and prowess in martial arts, Grandmaster Suh created THE GENERAL in 1968, a martial arts uniform that stands apart from all others in its distinctive appearance.  While everyone else wears a regular training uniform, THE GENERAL merges the rich military history of the country of Korea with the world-famous Korean martial arts KUK SOOL WON, founded by Grandmaster Suh.  
Following the distinctive patterns of ancient Korean armor THE GENERAL has unique tapered sleeves at the end and pleats ("wings") at the bottom of the jacket top as well as banded trims outlining the jacket of the uniform itself.  The uniform is a distinct announcement to the world of Korean martial arts instruction and competition that he or she who wears it is an elite member of WKSA KUK SOOL WON.  
 Originally, only select WKSA masters were allowed the honor of wearing THE GENERAL.  However by 1972 WKSA revised the rule to allow certified black belt instructors to wear THE GENRAL as well.   In 1974, when Grandmaster Suh moved to U.S., and introduced the country to KUK SOOL the martial arts style founded by him in Korea, he continued to authorize only WKSA masters and black belt instructors the honor of wearing THE GENERAL.  That tradition continues unabated today.  He named his schools KUK SOOL WON and they have expanded throughout the United States and the rest of the world. 
THE GENERAL and the accompanying distinctive like-no-other uniform symbolizes world-class instruction, competition and world-class competitors, all exclusively associated with WKSA KUK SOOL WON.  There is only one GENERAL.