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For Black Belts

Information For Black Belts



NEW !!!

Gayawon will be selling the

swirl-design DRAGON PANTS ( "Yong paji" in Korean )

and will be available in October (or maybe in September) for sale!

Click below for a sample picture of the "Yong paji" or the Dragon Pants.

This pants is ONLY sold to black belts and may be worn at any time --

with regular training uniform, with the General Uniform, in class, 

in competition, at the demonstrations, wherever and whenever.  


"Yong paji" picture


 1st to 3rd Dahn -- All Silver

4th Dahn -- Silver / Red

5th to 6th Dahn -- Red

7th to 8th Dahn -- Red / Gold

9th Dahn -- All Gold



Black Belt Handbook



Testing Policy



Official WKSA Tournament Rules for Competitors



Official WKSA Tournament Requirements

(Updated for 2014 and beyond)